Binance Torrent Ecosystem:

Ecosystem of the Republic of Congo, Ecosystem of South Sudan is one of the projects we invest in and develop, today we combine the product ecosystem and blockchan to create convective capital for the development of the Ecosystem. in one platform.

The coin we created is the only paid platform for universeecosystem.com

Binance Torrent

Sustainable ecosystem chain

Start Time

August 1, 2021

Token Symbol


Token Supply

800,000 TBNB

End Time

October 1, 2021

We will be listing on pancakeswap on October 1, 2021, listing on binance on December 22, 2021, and on our universeecosystem.com on January 1, 2022.


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(*) Rate Sale: 0.05 BNB = 30 TBNB

(*) Minium buy 0.01 BNB - 10 BNB

(*) Your friends who buy through your link receive 100% commission.

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(*) Referral friend claim 3 TBNB

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Our Binance Torrent Process Specifics:

Our Partners


Today we launch Binance Torrent coin to invest and develop the ecosystem, bring benefits to the community, we will burn 30% of TBNB coins in 5 months before listing the exchange.

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